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The Museum of Folk Art and Life “Volkskundemuseum”

The museum, with its 25,000 exhibits, is one of the most important folklore collections in all of Bavaria. The extensive exhibition, which is presented in multiple rooms, goes far beyond the history of the town itself, giving an insight into the wider history of the region.

Over recent years the museum has seen substantial renovation work and is gradually being reorganised into new exhibition spaces which are accessible to visitors.

One room is dedicated to the findings made at Treuchtlingen’s castle and includes a depiction of life in a medieval castle which is vividly depicted. Visitors can also enjoy the sounds of ancient musical instruments, which are played as part of the guided tours. Local craft has been well honoured in fully equipped workshops. The rural culture of the 17th to 20th century is also well documented. The stage settings with authentic figures in an environment faithful to the original like an old school class room are especially impressive.
A collection of pewter figures, which is on an indefinite loan by a private collector, is also on display in a separate section.

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