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St Lambert’s Catholic Church “Lambertuskirche”

St Lambert’s Catholic Church (“Lambertuskirche”) is Treuchtlingen’s oldest church. It is thought that the church was founded in the 9th or 10th century by Treuchtlingen’s masters, who located the church at the centre of their settlement. It was named after Lambert, a 7th century Bishop of Maastricht. In 1405 Lambertuskirche was acquired by the Rebdorf monastery near Eichstaett who retained ownership of the church until 1806. The church fell into disrepair during the Thirty Years’ war. It was only in 1733/34, after decades of negotiation between the Margrave of Ansbach and the Rebdorf Monastery, that the church was finally restored. Until 1934 the Lambertuskirche was Treuchtlingen’s main Catholic Church. After a thorough restoration in the beginning of the 1970’s the church became one of the town’s treasured buildings.

The three altars with their four pillars can be traced back to the time of Baroque era as can the pulpit made out of stucco with its interlaced decoration. A drawing on the altar dating from 1882 shows Saint Lambert worshipping the cross. Three marble epitaphs which are embedded into the walls of the church are especially noteworthy.

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