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Roman Villa(1)

In Roman times the territory around Treuchtlingen belonged to the province Raetia in the vicinity of the Limes, an ancient Roman defense system. The food supply of the military and the civilian population of the villages was ensured by a number of Roman Villas (villae rusticae).

One such complex was situated next to the present-day “Weinbergshof” farm on the south slope of the Nagelberg hill. The foundations of the residential building have been excavated and restored. The southern façade consists of a portico which had two flanking towers on each corner. The pillars are based on the excavated originals. Aerial pictures proved that the house also had several outbuildings and a bathroom, but these rooms were not excavated.

A 3D animation visualises the complex: The house is an example of a portico villa with a corner tower, a popular structure in Roman provinces. Several residential rooms in the eastern and western aisles and an open shed in the north are grouped around a main courtyard. In the porticos a complete floor finish made out of limestone mortar and remnants of red painted wall plaster were preserved. Of the recovered findings a golden chain with garnet pearls, a crescent-shaped pendant, a piece of military decoration (latin: torques) and the occipital piece of a parade helmet received special attention.

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