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The spa gardens (“Kurpark”)

Where after the canalisation at the beginning of the 20th century the river Altmuehl flowed through a wide pasture valley unusual spa gardens were developped in 1993/94. They are located to the north of the Buergermeister-Doebler-Allee near the Altmuehl Spa and boast many walkways which weave their way through the fertile landscape, which includes large expanses of water and typical local plants as well as a pavilion where concerts and other events take place during the summer. Furthermore you can find a barefoot path with 8 segments. The Kurpark includes a Kneipp water treading basin where visitors can enjoy a health-conscious dip while looking after their own well-being.

The wetland habitat is home to water birds and amphibians that enjoy an untouched habitat. The view of the park offered from the hillside of the Nagelberg would make one forget that the landscape is in fact manmade. The course of the meandering river and ponds are actually the work of hydraulic and landscape engineers. Modern works of art can be found dotted throughout the otherwise nature-orientated parkland. On the eastern side of the park there is a minigolf course as well as a large children’s playground.

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