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The town castle (“Stadtschloss”)(1)

The town castle (“Stadtschloss”) is the most important historical building in Treuchtlingen. Since a complete renovation in 1982/84 the Stadtschloss has been used as a tourist and health resort information centre as well as the information centre for the Altmuehl Valley National Park.

The jewel in the castle’s crown is the Earl’s hall (“Grafensaal”) on the highest floor which is used for concerts, lectures and conventions.

The Stadtschloss stands on the site of the town’s oldest stately home. In 1575 the Erbmarschall Veit from the Treuchtlingen line of the count of Pappenheim dynasty, transformed the town castle into a residential castle (“Wohnschloss”). The character of the fortified and moated castle has been well preserved.

The renaissance building was passed on to the Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach after the Treuchtlingen line of the Pappenheimer dynasty died out. The coat of arms which decorates the castle’s entrance gate, named the “Brandenburg Gate” commemorates this takeover.

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