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Saint Mary’s Church “Marienkirche”

The impressive Saint Mary’s Church was erected in 1933/1934 and was constructed with limestone from a local quarry.

The altars, font and the single aisle church’s pulpit are made of Treuchtlingen Marble. The fresco on the east wall dominates the sanctuary. Entitled, “The Glorification of the Queen of Heaven” the artwork connects the early Italian masters’ old style painting with more modern means of expression.

The late Gothic statues to the left side of the altar are of huge importance in terms of art history. The name “Beatea Mariae Virginis” was taken from the early mass chapel which once stood in the place of today’s Margrave Church (Markgrafenkirche).

The fountain located in a park next to the church is dedicated to the Fourteen Holy Helpers, also in memory of the late gothic Chapel of the Fourteen Holy Helpers (“Vierzehn-Nothelfer-Kapelle”), which had to make way for the railway system.

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