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Roman Villa(2)

The villa was occupied in the second and early third century AD and later destroyed by Alemani after the successful attack on the Limes in the middle of the third century.
There were at least six villas in the closer surroundings of Treuchtlingen. In 1964 a villa in Schambach was excavated. The generous architecture, the well preserved multicoloured paintings on the interior walls and the hypocaust heating system reflect the urban culture of the time. Another structure was eventually built on that site.

The Roman citizens in the hinterland of the Limes were not poor as was proven by a bronze fountain masque which was found in another villa in Schambach, although this site has not been fully excavated. This pinnacle of Roman craftwork is amazing because of its detailed portrayal of the god Okeanos despite having a diameter of just 17 centimetres. The original is on display in the archaeological national museum in Munich while larger copies are on display at the Roman baths in Weissenburg.

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