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The commemorative locomotive(1)

The commemorative locomotive is situated at the intersection of Altmuehlstrasse – Buergermeister-Doebler-Allee alongside the “Parkexpress” miniature train for children. The mighty locomotive, one of the famous express trains from the 01 series, was installed in 1969 and commemorates the construction of the railroad 100 years beforehand. It also commemorates the fact that Treuchtlingen’s history is closely related to the railway network. The economical growth which the railway brought about allowed Treuchtlingen to go from a market municipality to a town in 1898.

Treuchtlingen became a railway junction and a town of railway workers (“Eisenbahnerstadt”). While the town may have been full of soot as a result, the move brought about a period of job security. However, during the Second World War much of the town’s strategically important railway equipment was destroyed and, following the railway’s reconstruction and the electrification of the tracks, more than a thousand jobs were lost.

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